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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Malia

On September 3, 2017 Maila Hohm turned 1 year old. She is my niece. 

I had come across this old Schwinn Lil' Debbie about 3 years ago 
and have been holding onto it for the right moment ever since.
My brothers daughter already owned a bike and latter they had three boys.
My sister had a daughter so the moment had finally come to re-hab it!
It was in pretty rough shape so I took out the steel wool and got to work.
Lots of elbow grease latter and it looks like new.

Replaced the tires, pedals, grips and added some streamers. 
Everything else is stock minus the training wheels and fresh grease.

Had a hard time finding any info about the bike. 
Didn't even see it in any old Schwinn catalogs. 
Through some research I've concluded it is from the late 80's.

Fun little project bringing it back to life.
She'll have to wait a few years before she can ride it though.