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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Malia

On September 3, 2017 Maila Hohm turned 1 year old. She is my niece. 

I had come across this old Schwinn Lil' Debbie about 3 years ago 
and have been holding onto it for the right moment ever since.
My brothers daughter already owned a bike and latter they had three boys.
My sister had a daughter so the moment had finally come to re-hab it!
It was in pretty rough shape so I took out the steel wool and got to work.
Lots of elbow grease latter and it looks like new.

Replaced the tires, pedals, grips and added some streamers. 
Everything else is stock minus the training wheels and fresh grease.

Had a hard time finding any info about the bike. 
Didn't even see it in any old Schwinn catalogs. 
Through some research I've concluded it is from the late 80's.

Fun little project bringing it back to life.
She'll have to wait a few years before she can ride it though.

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Process

     My name is Jason Bolt, owner and founder of Bolts Bikes. I like bikes! I like to ride them, look at them, collect them, talk about them, and most of all, work on them. It brings me joy to take a bike that is doomed for the scrap pile or has been neglected for years and repair it or to make it into something entirely new. Even if every part is in need of replacement, when the last piece of the puzzle is placed, its new life begins. As long as the frame is free of damage and is properly aligned, the bicycle could live forever with proper maintenance and care. I also love to help people who are new to cycling. I enjoy answering questions they may have. A lot of people are intimidated with their lack of knowledge when it comes to bikes, trust me there is a lot to know. The industry has gotten a bad rap due to shops that are snobby, and condescending.  I don't recommend buying a bike from these types of shops, they are typically only interested in money.  Instead, find a shop that is there for you first.

     Over the years I have developed a process for collecting and repairing bicycles. I'll come by bikes via donation or i'll skim the local used bike shop for frames and parts that can be transformed into something new. It's rad to think that a bike can be built into anything as long as the parts are compatible and properly installed. I've built bikes without a single piece from it's first incarnation; those are my favorite (and also the most time consuming.) I personally own bikes that I change around constantly because I get bored with their set up. I have four bikes that I rotate daily because each one is different and practical in its own way. I have a fast bike, a slow bike, a bike to get groceries with, a bike to ride off road, a bike to ride with two people, a bike to ride in the rain and a bike to play bike polo. In my opinion, there is no such thing as owning too many bikes.

     Each and every bicycle that leaves Bolt's Bikes is meticulously inspected and cleaned. I go over every inch with a "fine tooth comb." I build bikes that I would want to ride. I build bikes that are going to last, as long as there are no accidents along the way. I have very high standards for my creations. It is not uncommon to find me cleaning the spokes of a wheel or scrubbing the inside of a derailleur or brakes on a bike that will sell for less than $300. Some may see this as a waste of time, but completing this task brings me satisfaction and joy. Building bikes for new or return customers establishes a bond. It is an investment of my time and effort, for which I hope results in happiness and practicality in my customers' lives. If they ride a bike I built for a week and it falls apart, they are not likely to return. They are likely to tell their friends about their poor experience. I offer a warranty of service for 30 days, ensuring the quality of purchase and work. If there is anything askew, or if a customer has any questions, they are welcome to contact me.  My bicycles are more than just a "used bike on craigslist." Each one shows my meticulous attention to detail.

      If after searching my current inventory, you cannot find a bike of interest, send me an email. I would love to put together the custom bike of your dreams.

-Jason Bolt