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Thursday, January 6, 2022


2021 was the last year Santa Cruz made a Carbon Chameleon frame so don't sleep on it!

Bike has very low miles and was just upgraded with brand new fork, AXS dropper and carbon handlebar. 

Build specifications: 

Frame - 2021 Carbon Chameleon size Large 

Fork - 2021 34mm Fox Float, 120mm travel, Fit4, Kashima Coating (brand new; 0 miles) 

Rear Derailleur - Sram AXS 12 Speed 

Shifter - Sram AXS shifter with Gen 2 Shift Paddle Upgrade 

Crankset - Hope EVO Crankset 30mm (Black)

Chainring - 34T Hope Spiderless Narrow Wide (Black) 

Cassette - Sram XO1 12 speed XD Driver Chain- Sram XO1 12 Speed (Green) 

Bottom Bracket - Outboard 30mm Hope Threaded (Orange) 

Brakes - Hope Race Evo 2 (Black) Brake Rotors - Hope Floating Disc 180 Front/160 Rear (Orange) 

Headset - Chris King Drop Set 3 (Orange) 

Handlebar - Santa Cruz 760mm Carbon Flat Bar (brand new) 

Stem - Hope 31.8 Freeride Stem 

Front Hub - Hope Pro 4 Boost 110mm (Black) 

Rear Hub - Hope Pro 4 Boost 148mm XD driver (Black) 

Rims - Light Bicycle UD Carbon 27.5 x 30mm 

Tires - Teravail Coronado 27.5 x 3 gum wall (tubeless) 

Valve Stem - Serfas Tubless (orange)  Seat Post - Sram AXS Dropper 31.8 (brand new; 0 miles) 

Saddle - Santa Cruz/WTB with Titanium Rails 

Weight - 26 Lbs 
- Pricing - 

Willing to ship US only.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

*FOR SALE * 1978 Puch Maxi

1978 Puch Maxi for sale (2 HP)

Lots of after market parts/modifications

K-Star 69cc kit case matched to E50 Transmission

New Dellorto SHA carburetor

New chain, New tires, New sealed bearings installed in hubs, New chain and sprockets, New cables, New brake shoes, New brake levers, New muffler, New rear shocks, New spark plug, Temperature gauge installed. 

Newer stuffy crankshaft

New piston head / fresh rings!

New bearings and fluid in transmission

Included original parts; bing 15mm carb with a collection of jets for both types of carbs. Bing air filter, Original bars with mirror. Spare muffler, spare cables, spare brake shoes, spare tube, original axels, horn, spare chain, see pictures.

Lowered seat, lower than stock handlebars. Was once a hobby of mine, just fell out of love with it. Starts right up, may need the jetting adjusted? Stored over the winter; inside all it life. Only thing needs fixing is rear tail light. Plastic shroud cracked, currently held together with tape. Modded and tuned my local Grand Rapids legends. Rims and fenders have been painted. Lights work. 

Moped is registered in Michigan with vin number. Has title.


Feel free to message with questions. Have a nice day!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Malia

On September 3, 2017 Maila Hohm turned 1 year old. She is my niece. 

I had come across this old Schwinn Lil' Debbie about 3 years ago 
and have been holding onto it for the right moment ever since.
My brothers daughter already owned a bike and latter they had three boys.
My sister had a daughter so the moment had finally come to re-hab it!
It was in pretty rough shape so I took out the steel wool and got to work.
Lots of elbow grease latter and it looks like new.

Replaced the tires, pedals, grips and added some streamers. 
Everything else is stock minus the training wheels and fresh grease.

Had a hard time finding any info about the bike. 
Didn't even see it in any old Schwinn catalogs. 
Through some research I've concluded it is from the late 80's.

Fun little project bringing it back to life.
She'll have to wait a few years before she can ride it though.

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Process

     My name is Jason Bolt, owner and founder of Bolts Bikes. I like bikes! I like to ride them, look at them, collect them, talk about them, and most of all, work on them. It brings me joy to take a bike that is doomed for the scrap pile or has been neglected for years and repair it or to make it into something entirely new. Even if every part is in need of replacement, when the last piece of the puzzle is placed, its new life begins. As long as the frame is free of damage and is properly aligned, the bicycle could live forever with proper maintenance and care. I also love to help people who are new to cycling. I enjoy answering questions they may have. A lot of people are intimidated with their lack of knowledge when it comes to bikes, trust me there is a lot to know. The industry has gotten a bad rap due to shops that are snobby, and condescending.  I don't recommend buying a bike from these types of shops, they are typically only interested in money.  Instead, find a shop that is there for you first.

     Over the years I have developed a process for collecting and repairing bicycles. I'll come by bikes via donation or i'll skim the local used bike shop for frames and parts that can be transformed into something new. It's rad to think that a bike can be built into anything as long as the parts are compatible and properly installed. I've built bikes without a single piece from it's first incarnation; those are my favorite (and also the most time consuming.) I personally own bikes that I change around constantly because I get bored with their set up. I have four bikes that I rotate daily because each one is different and practical in its own way. I have a fast bike, a slow bike, a bike to get groceries with, a bike to ride off road, a bike to ride with two people, a bike to ride in the rain and a bike to play bike polo. In my opinion, there is no such thing as owning too many bikes.

     Each and every bicycle that leaves Bolt's Bikes is meticulously inspected and cleaned. I go over every inch with a "fine tooth comb." I build bikes that I would want to ride. I build bikes that are going to last, as long as there are no accidents along the way. I have very high standards for my creations. It is not uncommon to find me cleaning the spokes of a wheel or scrubbing the inside of a derailleur or brakes on a bike that will sell for less than $300. Some may see this as a waste of time, but completing this task brings me satisfaction and joy. Building bikes for new or return customers establishes a bond. It is an investment of my time and effort, for which I hope results in happiness and practicality in my customers' lives. If they ride a bike I built for a week and it falls apart, they are not likely to return. They are likely to tell their friends about their poor experience. I offer a warranty of service for 30 days, ensuring the quality of purchase and work. If there is anything askew, or if a customer has any questions, they are welcome to contact me.  My bicycles are more than just a "used bike on craigslist." Each one shows my meticulous attention to detail.

      If after searching my current inventory, you cannot find a bike of interest, send me an email. I would love to put together the custom bike of your dreams.

-Jason Bolt

Monday, September 5, 2016

Out with the old...

This is what it is all about. Revamping old bikes that have had a long life and making something new. I received this bike (pictured below) via trade in. Josh purchased a freshly painted pink single speed from me and requested it be changed to a fixed gear bike. No problem! He was looking for a bike very similar to what he was riding, he knew his current bike was on its last leg.

When I look at this bike, I see a bike that has been around the block. It has been subject to numerous makeovers and a couple of crashes but is still rolling. Due to the multiple layers of rattle-canned paint, I can't make out the original make and model but judging from the frame style, I would guess it's from late 70's. The frame has unfortunately experienced its last mile; it has been used and abused. The parts however, are salvageable. A wheel set, Sugino crank, pedals, tubes, a sealed bottom bracket, a few nuts and bolts. This bike will live on, well, the components will..

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Bike for the wife

My wife wanted to start riding to work and I happened to come across this very small Bianchi frame on craigslist. Did a little research and found that it was actually women's specific geometry so of course I scooped it up right away and took it all apart. Small steel frames are very rare these days and she loves the aesthetic of old classic Bianchi bicycles. 

One time while working at Halcyon, we had a lovely brown, near mint condition early 70's Bianchi road bike with stem shifters and old school non hooded brake levers. She wanted it very badly. She was a novice at the time when it came to cycling and I told her that it would not be a comfortable bike to ride compared to her modern day road bike. She said "I don't care, I like the way it looks." I learned from that statement that it is important when building a bike from a bunch of random parts that it looks good. Ugly bikes sit on the rack longer and sometimes never get to go to a good home. This was a typical reaction from someone with a degree in art who enjoys interior design. Luckily it was too big for her.

The bicycle she was currently riding had too long of top tube and I could not get the fit correct without her feeling over extended. I tried a very short stem without sacrificing handling. I installed a drop bar with a shorter reach; nothing worked. The frame was just too big. I transferred everything over from her previous bike and installed them on the Vigorelli. It fit her like a glove. I did change one thing however, I switched out the Shimano 105 for the Tiagra. She liked the throw of the shift lever a lot better and the braking was a lot easier for her hands to actuate. Another happy customer. The most important customer.

Steel Bianchi Vigorelli
43cm seat tube / 49cm top tube
10 speed Tiagra. Compact crankset. 700x28 RiBmo tires. Leopard saddle.

Tight little Bike.